Chicago Lolita

We are very happy to present inspired and beautiful Lolita Fashion as a major part of Anime Midwest's annual convention. Chicago Lolita fans can join us at Anime Midwest to participate in our annual Lolita fashion show; several discussions, meetups, and workshops; and sessions with independent Lolita designers. If you live near Chicago and enjoy Lolita fashion, we encourage you to check out Anime Midwest.

The full list of events, including detailed descriptions and rules, will be posted on our events page about 1-2 months prior to the convention. We also encourage you to regularly check our Facebook page for things like calls for models.

Being a fashion show model.

We are looking for people who are interested in being models for our Lolita fashion show. You must be willing to commit to several hours Sunday morning, including getting up early, in addition to being able to respond to email/phone questions if needed to determine if you'll fit in any of the outfits. If you submit the application less than a month before the convention, there is a chance your submission will be too late and ignored - submissions end when we have enough people, but we will try to email you about future applications if you're not selected.

Getting Tea Party tickets.
Tea party tickets will go on sale on April 20th. Please keep an eye out. Tickets are $50. The Lolita Tea Party will be held on Sunday of the convention, around 3pm or 4pm. Our tea party will feature decorations, a stage for photos, and drinks and deserts provided by the Hyatt Regency O'hare.

Please note that a strict dress code is required for the Lolita Tea Party. Attendees should be wearing lolita style dresses from any designer, with appropriate accessories, petticoats, et cetera. If you're familiar with Lolita fashion, you'll already know what we mean - if you don't know exactly what we're talking about, this event just might not be for you.

Tea party tickets must be reserved under the ticketholder's name. You can not put someone else's name on the ticket. You can purchase multiple tickets if you put each person's name on the ticket. Names CAN NOT be changed later. Tickets are not transferable and not refundable.

A convention badge is also required to attend, in addition to a ticket.

Tickets will be available until sold out or until a time to be determined.

Click here to get tickets.

Fashion Show Modeling

We are happy for your interest being a model in our lolita fashion show. Click here to apply to model.
Models will be required for Saturday morning from 8am to Noon.